What Our Customers Say

Kalfayan Merjanian law firm was amazing. Vanessa and her team helped me with a car accident and did everything they could to help me.

Jennifer R.

I reached out to Vic with a business dispute and breach of contract issue after having tried, unsuccessfully, to resolve this myself. Within days, Vic was able to negotiate a solution and to get the result that I was looking for. Highly recommend Kalfayan Merjanian!

Jitze S.

I was fortunate to have been referred to Kalfayan Merjanian law firm to represent me in an auto collision case I was involved in. This would be my second time involved in a personal injury case and Vanessa Cardinale has proven to be highly professional and hard working. Vanessa rigorously will fight for you and what you, the client, justfully deserves. I cannot be any more satisfied with her. I would highly recommend anyone involved in any auto collision/personal injury case...to let Vanessa handle it, because she will. From personal experience, other attorneys will not take the time to communicate with you personally, but Vanessa has proven otherwise. She kept great communication with me at all times, whenever I had questions or concerns regarding my case. Overall, Vanessa will not leave you dissatisfied. Great person and professional.

Anthony P.

While stopped in traffic on the freeway, I was read ended at a high rate of speed. While I was waiting for the CHP to take a report, my neck and back started to get stiff. When I got home, it was time to see a doctor, so I looked in the Yellow pages and found a Chiropractor to help me with my stiff neck. I also decided to look up Attorney in Yahoo and found Vanessa under attorney. Vanessa took over and helped me through the process of getting treatment and my car fixed. Her firm also provided transportation to and back from my surgery. Vanessa checked on me weekly, worked with my doctors. I was finally released from treatment and Vanessa worked out a great settlement with the other insurance Company. Vanessa you rock!

Mike M.

I've talked to Vic many times about legal issues and he's always provided good advice and valuable insight! A while back my mom got into a car accident by some jerk that fell asleep at the wheel and rear ended her. I tried to work with the guy as it was obviously his fault but he was being so unresponsive and just downright shady. Looking into take more legal action I started to research how the courts work. That same day I ran into Vic at a friends BBQ and it was the best thing that's happened for this situation. I came into Vic's office and told him the situation and he immediately took aciton by filing all the appropriate paperwork at the courts and told me he would take care of everything. His friendliness and knowledge made everything so dam easy! He outlined a time frame on when i should expect everything to happen and the expected amount of payout. The next three weeks Vic followed up with me every Tuesday carefully detailing his progress. Next thing you know, the jerk face that hit my mom was calling me begging me to take a settlement. With Vic's help, we settled at an amount that was higher than I originally thought and it included his legal fees! Home Run for us on this with Vic!

James H.

I hired this firm for a PI case and couldn't have been more pleased with my overall experience. In many cases, finding good legal services can be extremely difficult and I am so fortunate to have already had a positive experience with one of their top lawyers, Vanessa Cardinale, which is why I came to this firm, first and foremost. Vanessa has handled 2 PI cases for me in the past 3 years and I wouldn't go to anyone else. She is absolutely excellent. She is diligent, communicative and works with the highest level of integrity. She took extra care to make sure I understood the legal process and was in lock step with her throughout both cases. If you want an A+ Top Notch overall experience and a firm and lawyer that will provide you with the best outcomes possible with the, I'd highly recommend anyone to utilize this law firm for all applicable legal services and especially Vanessa Cardinale.

Shannon A.

Vanessa Cardinale is an incredible attorney I cannot recommend highly enough! She did a phenomenal job at negotiating my settlement and ensuring I received the proper care I needed for my injuries. Throughout the entire process, I was consistently impressed and surprised as she relentlessly worked on my behalf to make the entire endeavor as painless as possible. This was my first auto accident, and although I was hesitant at acquiring an attorney at first, I am extremely satisfied and recommend Vanessa and her law firm to anyone looking for the utmost professional representation. Thank you!

Daniel T.